Are you aching to make changes?

I’m Michelle, coaching for change to help you tune in and embody new ways of being.

Photo credit: Thomas Nowaczynski

We often simply forget that we can choose change.

Sometimes we lose our way or we’re just too darn busy to notice new possibilities available to us. On our journey, there’s no avoiding being intimate with the unknown. The thing is, we often simply forget that we can choose change and take the steps on our path to embody new ways and possibilities.

Coaching for change

Curious about how I work? If you’re beginning a new cycle in life, ending an old one or are just “over” the way things are; here are a few ways we could explore your path, together.


Attune more deeply to your heart and sow the seeds for growth.

Discover new and more powerful ways to nurture, challenge and expand yourself.


We’ll use our wayfinding map to anchor our coaching. Together, we’ll co-create practices to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go so that you can move forward with clarity.


From time to time, I offer the opportunity to connect with like minded people to share our experiences and to deepen our insights and learning.


I am so thankful to have shared this part of my journey with Michelle. She provided me visualizations that were so succinct and on the mark. Our conversations were productive and engaging. I know I will always look back on this experience with gratitude.

– Rob

The consistent high-level perspective with which Michelle sees the world was just what I needed to help reframe and replace old ideas, beliefs, and conditioning that ultimately unleashed real growth.

– Fran