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Hesitant to explore change?

That’s why I offer a complimentary call. I believe that finding a coach you trust, who can sit with you through it all, and hold you to your vision is not negotiable. When we are in periods of change, it can be exciting and at other times it can take a lot of courage to explore what’s next. When we rely on what we’ve always done we often ignore, rush towards or even away from what we don’t know. Sometimes we forget that we’re powerful and just pick something less risky as we’re less likely to fail that way. No judgement here, I know from experience : )

At times when I’ve believed thoughts like “This shouldn’t be happening to me”, “I’m not ready”, or” I can’t ….”; I’ve turned away from an opportunity, sometimes even telling myself that “it’s not that important”. Maybe it wasn’t. Life has shown me that if it keeps coming back around, then it needs more attention. On the other hand, there have been times when not meeting change has catalyzed the exact situations I needed to step into powerful shifts in my life. As Anais Nin more eloquently said: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Why do I love what I do?

I think that being open to change is one of the most profound and powerful abilities we have as humans. I mean it’s AMAZING when you stop and think about it. At any time we can pause and be open to change. Just choosing to pause and pay attention is changing our approach in that very moment and inviting us to not habitually repeat what we’ve always done. It’s in that space that new possibilities present themselves to us. It’s in this space that I’m honoured to get to work together and this is why I include a short meditation in each session so that we can train and hone our ability to spend more time in potential and possibilities.

Like meditation (another thing I love to do), the next step is intention and regular application. This is where we begin to develop and strengthen our capacities to embody new potentials in our daily lives. We call these “practices” and bring these home into our bodies in ways that result in the shifts we want to see in our lives.

I will gift you a complimentary call

When you contact me as an Integral Associate Coach, I’ll gift you a 30 minute complimentary call to help us find out if we are the right match. Wherever you are, is just where you need to be and I’m not here to change you. It’s your choice. If you desire to show up more fully, try new things, and stick with it for an agreed upon period of time, let’s chat.

Michelle's vision is deep. Her ability to empathize with my perspective and engage my challenges with compassion and non-judgement was tremendously helpful. It's this coupled with a solid grasp of how to apply and integrate a wide variety of ideas and philosophies into our modern world that sets her apart from many.