Wayfinding Coaching Package
Photo Credit: Paul Glimore

Wayfinding Coaching Package

This package forms the bones of our work together.

Initially, we’ll attune to your vision (North Star) and explore what’s near and dear to your heart.

Secondly, I map out a custom and holistic framework for you to navigate to your North Star. In our second session, we’ll explore 2 different archetypes to anchor and guide our coaching work together.

The Wayfinding package includes:
– your wayfinder map and two 90 minute sessions with me for a total cost of $500 CAD.

After Wayfinding, we begin building muscles on our journey.

Voyaging Coaching Package

On our journey, we’ll explore different navigation tools. Each coaching session begins with a meditation and includes both active and reflective practices to build awareness of patterns, new and old. The insights we garner along the way inform next steps toward your highest growth.

Together we’ll create custom practices and bridge the gap between now and the next step leading you forward on your journey. Depending on your goals, we’ll spend 6 to 12 coaching sessions together.

The Voyaging package includes:
– four 60 minute sessions with me for a total cost of $600 CAD or

– six 60 minute sessions with me for a total cost of $725 CAD.

Voyaging Coaching Package
Photo Credit: Glenn Carstens Peters
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If we want to become more than we think we are, then we have to become what we’re not.

Qapel (Doug Duncan) and Sensei (Catherine Pawasarat)